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Cedar Accessories Value Pack- 100% Natural Aromatic Red Cedar - Set of 98/196/294 items

Cedar Accessories Value Pack- 100% Natural Aromatic Red Cedar - Set of 98/196/294 items

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  • 98 value pack includes 6 Cedar Planks, 32 Balls, 30 Cubes, 18 Rings, 6 Sachets, Cedar Block X 6
  • 196 value pack includes 12 Cedar Planks, 64 Balls, 60 Cubes, 36 Rings, 12 Sachets, Cedar Block X 12
  • 294 value pack includes 18 Cedar Planks, 96 Balls, 90 Cubes, 54 Rings, 18 Sachets, Cedar Block X 18

  • 100% Nature US red Cedar Wood Imported
  • ♥PERFECT SUBSTITUTE - Cedar wood is the perfect gift of nature, is all chemical mothballs perfect alternative. Enjoy a healthy, natural life.
  • ♥INTIMATE PRICE - In the communication with customers, we realise that because of the particularity of each family, a single number of products can not meet the needs of a family. So we designed different quantities of packaging and then sold them at a more favourable price in order to allow more families to be protected and cared for.
  • ♥PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT - Through the analysis of the data of various family cabinets, we finally determine the cedar accessories you see, cedar balls, cedar chips, cedar rings, cedar hanging boards, cedar shavings. These products can be used in any household storage system.
  • ♥EXTENSIVE USE - Carefully designed cedar accessories products, can be directly placed in drawers. No matter which one is mentioned above, it is pollution-free and will not damage any material of clothing. The light fragrance is fresh and comfortable. In the following product introduction, we will introduce the wide use of different products in detail.
  • ♥THE SAFEST PURCHASE - All cedar products are made of the best quality cedar wood, 85% of which is core wood. Only after simple cutting, polishing, safe and natural. If there is any doubt in the use process, our professional after-sales stand by at any time. In addition, you can get 100% full refund without any reason.
  • Revitalise scent by sanding cedar and by shaking sachet in hand

100% Cedar wood native to the North of the United States

  • We Makes cedar a more ingenious design, so that it can be used in our daily life.
  • Cedar Balls is one of our greatest designs. We carefully cut, polish, drill and dry the wood. In this process, we don't use any chemical additives to keep the wood fragrant.
  • The Cedar Balls can increase the spread of fragrance in a larger area, and this size can be perfectly applied in other scenarios.
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