Collection: Cedar Hangers

At Hangers for Less, we have an extensive selection of 100% US red cedar products, including cedar hangers, cedar blocks, aromatic cedar balls and cedar hang ups. The cedar hangers you will see featured in our collection are well designed to complement your clothes, while the cedar blocks and hang ups can also come in really handy for hanging key chains, artefacts and other similar uses. Aromatic red cedar balls can be used as insect repellants and can be used as fragrances in a wardrobe.

While our products are made out of top quality red cedar wood, we also believe in offering products at the best possible prices. On top of that, if you choose to purchase in bulk, you will also be entitled to some handy discounts and savings. For the sake of convenience of customers and to facilitate ease of purchase, we also offer cedar hangers in bundled quantities of 25, 50 and 100 units. With so many reasons handed out, you definitely need not look elsewhere for cedar hangers or other red cedar products.

(Recommend to Lightly sand the cedar surface to restore natural cedar smell for every four - six weeks )