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Velvet & Flocked Hangers

Premium Velvet & Flocked Hangers

Velvet is a type of fabric, which is well known for presenting an extremely rich and smooth finish. While velvet can be made out of both natural as well as synthetic fibers, the defining characteristic of velvet is an unusual level of softness and elegant appearance.

Traditionally, velvet has always been associated with nobility and was an expensive fabric before industrial looms came around. However, today, velvet can be produced more easily and at cheaper rates. Nevertheless, the fabric still holds an air of aristocracy and is only used across select purposes.

While velvet finds uses in quite a few products, velvet hangers have also found their place in the world. Meant to be used with high quality clothing, velvet hangers can complement the looks and feel of expensive clothing. Velvet hangers are definitely the best counterpart for coats, suits, pants and other clothing of the highest standards.

At Hangers for Less, our collection of slim-line velvet hangers span a range of color options, including black, burgundy, camel, lavender, linen and platinum. Strong and durable, velvet hangers that are featured in our store are stylishly designed and can be used to complement refined and elegant clothing. If you are looking for suit hangers or top hangers, our collection of affordable velvet hangers are sure to meet your demands. While one may think that velvet hangers will be fairly expensive, this is not true. Thanks to modern industrial production techniques, the cost of manufacturing velvet hangers has also come down considerably.

All hangers to be featured on our website are offered at the best possible prices, without making any compromises on quality and this holds true for our collection of velvet hangers as well. When you buy a product from Hangers for Less, not only are you making a wise economical choice, but you will also be presented with an extremely durable product – something that will last you years to come.

While the velvet hangers featured in our store are available in single order quantities, you can also choose to purchase in bulk, which entitles you to some special discounts on your grand order total. We sell our products in bundled units of 20, 50 or 100, allowing you both ease of purchase, as well as some great savings.